Nanou Ki - Who we are - History

Nanou ki is born as a youth association whose aim is to offer specific training in education for sustainable development from a holistic and humanistic point of view, respecting the principles and values on the basis of which it is constituted.

Nanou ki means “I love you“ in baatonum, the language of northern Benin, a place where many of us open our eyes, and we wanted it to represent us so that we don´t orget what it is that has made us who we are.


Nanou Ki is made up mostly of a group of young people who were previously part of an Association called OAN International Valladolid. However, last year they decided that their objectives and philosophy could no longer be framed within that entity, so they decided to separate, creating the new association along with PhD students of the UVa in issues related to Africa, members of other NGOs, journalists, professionals who have obtained their master´s degree in international cooperation and even university doctors, for the time being all on issues related to sustainable development and most oriented towards the African continent.

“Ce n’est pas la personne qui change, ce sont les yeux qui s’ouvrent”
(It’s not the person who changes, just open your eyes)

Nanou Ki - Who we are - History